If you’re one of the bazillions of people obsessed with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ it might be time to book your summer travel plans — several hotels are now offering vacation packages inspired by the steamy erotic novel.

Fans of the book know lead characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele often traveled in Christian’s helicopter (dubbed Charlie Tango, because doesn’t everyone name their helicopters?) and trysted at the Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR., so the establishment has two themed offerings.

One is the ‘Inner Goddess Addition,’ for which $40 will get you a bottle of the couple’s beloved Pinot Gris. But true fanatics will want to pony up $2,750 for the ‘Charlie Tango No Limits’ package — that includes appetizers and white wine for six people, a helicopter tour of the city, roses for the ladies, dinner at the hotel and limo transfers.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, where most of the book takes place, the Hotel Max offers a $1,669 ‘Fifty Shades of Seattle’ package, which includes a two-night stay, a 30-minute helicopter ride and a chauffeured town car. And in San Francisco, the women-owned Hotel Diva, Hotel Union Square and Kensington Park have a ‘Fifty Shades of Women’ package, where $369 a night will buy you accommodations and an “intimacy kit.”

Just don’t forget to tip the housekeeping staff. We can only imagine what they’ve seen.

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