The mask debate will undoubtedly go on for as long as we live in a pandemic world. However, no matter what side of it you stand on, it should never excuse anyone for raising the argument to a physical altercation.

Unfortunately, that happened in Houston on Monday when a bar employee was hit with a glass on the head by a customer who was not wearing a mask and was asked to do so.

Josh Vaughan was working the door Monday night at Grand Prize Bar near the Museum District in Houston. The management team says a customer was not wearing a mask when Vaughan approached him as he was leaving the restroom. That's when Vaughan was assaulted.

"Before he could even say 'mask' the guy just took the glass and smashed it over his head," general manager Lindsay Beale told ABC 13.

"I've never gotten full on blasted like this. He was quick. He was fast," explained Vaughan. "He got me good."

Vaughan was rushed to the emergency room where he received 10 stitches. The bar patron ran out the door, but a cell phone camera captured his vehicle leaving.

Houston police have been investigating and as of yesterday believe they have a name for a possible suspect.

Officials with the bar say they take all of the COVID-19 safety protocols seriously. They take temperatures at the door and customers must wear masks unless they're eating or drinking. They also have a list of rules that sit on each table in the bar.

As far as Vaughan, he has been grateful for the support and that his injuries were not worse. He plans on being back at work on Thursday with no qualms about enforcing the mask rule.

"If you're going to go out, wear a mask. Please," he said.

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