Saints future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees was recently asked about seeing Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl at 41.

Age is but a number, right? We're starting to see more elite quarterbacks play into their 40's. Last season when Tom Brady pulled off his sixth Super Bowl win at age 41, there was plenty of talk about his age, his top tier play at age 41, and more.

Drew Brees was asked how it felt to see Tom Brady win at that age, and how if he were to get to that point, that it wouldn't be much of a discussion because it's already been done.

Drew's reaction seems to be the real Drew. Locker Room Drew, if you will. You can see on his face he had to think about it. "Should I play nice like usual, or should I let them know how I really feel?" Well, he let us know.

And I think we need to see more Locker Room Drew.

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