The 90s were wonderful. For me, it was the decade that was responsible for everything I consumed from age 9 to age 18, which was basically prime time for all music, video, media, technology and pop culture. Most of all I would have to say music is what influenced me the most from the 90s based on my career choice and the nostalgia I feel when I hear a popular tune from that particular decade.

Surprisingly, even with my love for the 90s, I couldn't endure the following medley. My limits were tested, and I failed, lol. Local Vocal is a Danish acapella group

No instruments, just a capella - specialising in nordic vocal soundtradition and paying our tribute to the 90's dance hits in our own a capella way.

See if you recognize the tracks, and see how long you can listen before turning it off. I only made it to 1:52.

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