Yes, a Lisa Frank clothing line is a thing and it's magical. Seriously, forget the school supply's, I want a Lisa Frank crop top!

The Lisa Frank clothing collection features rainbow lip leggings, kitty crop tops, and the fiercest leopard dress you've ever seen. I mean, what more could you ask for? Whether you're Netflix and chilling or out with the girls you'll be looking purrr-fect.

Real talk though, if I see you downtown in a rainbow unicorn Lisa Frank dress I will put you on my Snap Story. As much as I need all things Lisa Frank in my life I probably would only wear a kitty crop top to a music festival with a flower crown and flash tattoos.

In case you weren't a believer the '90s are back, and they are more basic than ever.

Check out the full clothing line and grab yourself a neon dolphin sweatshirt on the Rage On website.

[via, POPSUGAR Entertainment]

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