With the advent of smartphones and WiFi technology, people can update their Facebook and Twitter accounts from almost anywhere. And according to a recent survey, some of them even do it while answering the call of nature.

A Yellow Pages Social Media report states five percent of its 1,000 poll respondents admitted to using their social media accounts while they’re on the toilet.

But that’s just one statistic lending credence to the overall gist of the report: most of us use social media far more than we used to.

Last year, just one in 20 people accessed such sites at least once a day. Now? Fully a third of us do so, with 10 percent saying they check their accounts five times at a day or more. Others reported spending as much as six hours per week on Facebook alone.

The Yellow Pages report also says people are most likely to sign in right after they get up, while they’re watching TV, and just before they go to bed.

“Despite the increasing emphasis on social media, most of us don’t think we spend too much time on [it],” the report states. “We reckon we have it just about right.”

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