For many, Christmas Vacation is a must watch each holiday season. You ever wonder how much it would cost to power Clark's Christmas light display?

The fine folks at Estately used the info from the U.S. Energy Information Administration to get the answers you didn't know you needed.

Those of us in Louisiana are in luck if you were ever wanting to replicate the Griswald light display.

Here's the formula that was used:
25,000 bulbs * 0.08 watts/bulb = 2,000 watts.
2,000 watts * (1 kilowatt / 1,000 watt) = 2 kilowatts
2 kilowatts * 5 hours per day = 10 kwh per day
10kwh * 31 days = 310 kwh
310kwh * each state’s average price per kwh

And here's how much it would cost to power in each state for one month.


Obviously, going with LED's would be your best bet but those weren't readily available to Clark back in 1989. The good news is you'd pay the least amount right here in Louisiana!

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