As Hurricane Barry is heading straight for us, we have already experienced power outages across Louisiana, and no doubt there will be more to come. WDSU and Ecowatch have some very good tips about how we can prepare for power to be out in your home or business. These are all very simple, but important, things that might get overlooked when we are getting ready for a major weather event. Like today. Be safe. Be careful. Be prepared.

  • Put your refrigerator on the highest setting, to keep things cold longer after power is out. Try to not open the door too much, as it lets cold air out every time. This is especially important if you have medication that needs to be refrigerated.
  • Charge all electronic devices
  • Stock enough batteries to use in portable radios or laptops for weather reports. If your power goes out you want to make sure you can get updates
  • In case of evacuation, a great way to see if your food is safe in the freezer is with the quarter trick. And yes, it really works.
  • Have candles ready, and matches or lighters placed nearby for easy access.
  • Have enough non perishable food, and medications for at least three days.

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