The 10 a.m. update shows that Hurricane Delta weakened a bit on Friday morning, but don't let that mislead you.

As Acadiana prepares for Delta's arrival, KATC meteorologist Daniel Phillips is warning residents to still prepare for "major impacts."

The National Hurricane Center reported that Delta is still a Category 3 hurricane, but the good news is that winds have dropped to 115 mph. This means that we may likely see Delta at a strong Category 2 when it makes landfall later tonight.

While the storm is technically weakening, Delta is still expected to bring a life-threatening storm surge up to 11 feet with hurricane-force winds and could drop up to 15 inches of rain in some parts of Louisiana.

Widespread power outages will also be one of the biggest impacts from this storm, so use these last moments to make sure your devices are charged and all final preparations are made.

Hurricane Delta warnings are already in effect for Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans and rainbands from the storm have already impacted some areas from southeast Texas to southwest Louisiana earlier this morning. Heavy rainfall in Baton Rouge reportedly led to floodwaters in the metro area that required some residents to be rescued overnight.

We will continue to monitor Delta as it approaches landfall and will keep you updated. Follow us for instant updates on Twitter and Facebook @1079isHOT and make sure you have our official smartphone app with notifications enabled for the latest important information.

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