After watching this video, I'm truly at a loss for words. It's a combination of shock & awe with a dash of amazement and a straight shot of WTF?!? Zachary Russell broke every possible rule that involves a cellphone and a moving vehicle and the end result was his wife Jennifer giving birth to their daughter Willow in the front seat of their Ford Focus.. on film!

The Texas couple was rushing down Highway 287 towards the birthing center when Jennifer went into labor.

By the time my water broke, I pushed once and she was out

She was shocked by how quickly everything happened because she had labored for 12 hours with her previous child. Proud Papa Zachary was bound to capture the whole thing on camera, even with the surprise circumstances.

He held his right band behind the passenger side seat, made sure the birth was in frame and managed to keep both eyes on the road. When baby Willow arrived, he even captured Jennifer on film unwrapping the umbilical chord.

The couple plans on keeping the Ford Focus and giving it to Willow as her first car so she can tell people "OK, I was LITERALLY born right there!" After watching the video (which is extremely graphic, but equally amazing) you definitely wouldn't be too excited about sitting in her "birthplace."

Man Films Wife Giving Birth While He Drives (Warning: Graphic)

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