Etiquette is crucial in the South, maybe more so than in any other part of the country. As my grandmother used to say, manners are important.

According to the folks at the, the following etiquette mistakes are on the verge of being unforgivable. Not just being mildly irritating, but being extremely rude. And we all know that is a no-no in the southern United States. Pay attention, class....

  • Arriving at someone's house for dinner or a party empty handed. I must say, this was my Mom's #1 rule - don't show up without a little something for the hostess. And it doesn't have to be big, but just a token of appreciation for being invited.
  • Being late. Being late says that your time is more important than anyone else's. Plan ahead to get there in a timely fashion, or be prepared to be dropped as a friend after many infractions. My pet peeve, for sure!
  • Failing to introduce someone. This is extremely rude if you are just leaving someone you're with to stand there while you talk to another person. Don't assume people know each other. You can avoid this by simply saying, 'Do you know so and so?'.
  • Forgetting to RSVP. Letting your hostess know if you are coming to an event that actually requires you to respond is crucial. You can be the best guest ever, or someone that never gets invited again.
  • Not saying 'Please' and 'Thank You'. Small gestures, but very, very important. These two things say volumes about you.
  • Pointing at other people. Not only does it make the person in question feel uncomfortable, but it's just rude. The phrase 'pointing the finger' at someone never has a good connotation.
  • PDA. Save the public displays of affection for the appropriate places.
  • Putting your elbows on the table. Another of my Mom's least favorite things. You are slouching, and possibly blocking the conversation. No respectable Southerner would do this at the dinner table!
  • Not leaving a tip. Although this is frowned upon in all corners of the USA, it really says alot about you as a person if you stiff someone at a restaurant or bar.
  • Just talking about yourself. You want to learn a little about the other person, don't you? Conversations where you are the main attraction EVERY time are on the verge of being rude, y'all.
  • Talking with your mouth full. This is never OK. Ever.
  • Texting, or staying glued to your phone while you are with others. This is so rude, and I see it all the time. Some of us use our phones for work, but nothing says 'You don't matter' like texting incessantly while you're in the company of other people. UGH.


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