On June 1st, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) made several big changes involving hunting and fishing licenses in the state.

One of those changes involved roadside crabbing and it's been the subject of a high volume of questions that LDWF has received in the last week.

In response, LDWF wanted to offer more explanation regarding those changes.

Before June 1, individuals did not need a license to crab from the side of the road with either set nets or strings. That has changed.

What is the roadside crabbing license requirement now?

There is now a $5 Hook and Line license requirement for any individual fishing without a mechanical reel or crabbing with a string or set net.

Why was this change implemented?

Without a license requirement, LDWF said it was difficult to determine how many people were participating in this fishery and the impact it had on the crab population. So, for that reason, the department now requires the roadside crabbing community to purchase a Hook and Line or Saltwater Fishing License.

If I have a Saltwater Fishing License, do I still need a Hook and Line License?

No. Roadside crabbing is also included in the Saltwater Fishing License or any combination license that conveys the Saltwater Fishing privilege. (Note: As always, individuals must purchase a Freshwater Fishing License in order to purchase a Saltwater Fishing License.)

A few other notes from LDWF:

  • The purchase of a Saltwater Fishing License also includes privileges for up to 10 recreational crab traps. Remember to mark/tag your crab trap with your LDWF license number.
  • Crabbing from an LDWF-operated property, such as a Wildlife Management Area, a Refuge, or a Conservation Area, also requires the purchase of a WMA Access Permit and a free self-clearing permit.
  • All crabbers are still allowed to harvest up to 12 dozen crabs a day.
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LDWF hopes this information clears up some of the confusion from crabbers.

And as a recap, here are the licensing requirements for crabbing roadside and on WMA properties:

To go "string and net" crabbing, you either need:

  • Hook and Line License or
  • Saltwater License (which also requires the purchase of a Freshwater License) or
  • Sportsman's Paradise License or
  • Lifetime License or
  • Senior License

To go crabbing on a WMA, you need:

  • One of the license options listed above AND
  • Self-Clearing Permit AND
  • WMA Permit (Not required if you already have a Sportsman's Paradise License, Lifetime License or a Senior License)
  • A reminder that WMAs, refuges, and conservation areas may have specific crab trap restrictions. Check regulations here.


  • A freshwater license can be purchased alone
  • To purchase a Saltwater License, you must also purchase a Freshwater License

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