Everyone dreams of being famous, but no one wants that fame to come as a result of crying on national television after your team loses a football game. Back in November when LSU beat Bama 9-6 on the Tide's home turf, a star was born when cameras caught a Crimson Tide couple crying their eyes out after the heartbreaking loss.

Fast forward two months later, and the Tigers are facing the Tide in a rematch. This time, it's for all the marbles. The National Championship Title is on the line, and guess who made the trip to NOLA ???

YUP! You guessed it, LOL (I mean, they cried on TV when their team lost, so clearly, they ARE die-hard fans, right?)

According to reports, the "Crying Bama Couple" have been pretty good sports while being heckled all weekend long by LSU fans in New Orleans. Check out the pics below!

Tears on TV Bama Dude
















Tears on TV Bama Dude's Girlfriend









Will there be tears tonight? I guess we'll have to wait and see!