By now you may have seen an image of a woman's infected breast claiming to have "larvae" or "abnormal creatures" growing in and around the nipple in your Facebook News Feed.

Whatever you do, don't click it. It's a hoax.

This scam is very common and is made to trick people into sharing the image and even taking online surveys. As a matter of fact, this isn't even the first time this exact image, as it was used in a previous hoax claiming that a woman's breast was infected with live larvae that were already in her bra when she bought it.

These shocking photo scams are very common, but only take you to another page that asks you to share the video with the rest of your Facebook followers in order to view the graphic video. This step ensures that the scam continues to go viral.

Even after sharing with all your friends, even more pop-ups come up asking you to verify your age and to complete a series of surveys that solicit for your phone number and other personal information. No matter how many you complete, you still never see the video.

That's because there is no video.

So what can you do to avoid getting duped? The simple answer is don't click anything that promises breaking news, shocking images, or graphic video footage. This is easier said than done, so if you ever do click on anything like this, the tell-tale signs of danger are usually if it asks you to install another app, share the post, or take a survey to view the content.

To see more about the breast larvae hoax check out what Snopes dug up here, and in the meantime, happy "safe" surfing.

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