It looks like the internet is back at it again with another hoax post, folks.

According to, during a trip to Louisiana, Adam Sandler got a flat tire in Opelousas, Louisiana and, in true Louisiana fashion, three cars pulled over to the side of the road to help him out. In this "radio interview", Adam praised the residents of Opelousas for being incredibly friendly and kind.

Honestly, this story sounds like it could be completely legit. Opelousas residents really are friendly and kind, and I have no doubt in my mind that if anyone gets a flat in Opelousas, someone will pull over and help them out. But, unfortunately, this story is 100% false.

The "news" site that reported Adam's interview prides itself on being a being a fantasy news website. Their "about me" section actually says

" is an entertainment website composed mostly of articles containing fantasy news or satire. Though some articles on contain actual events, none of the articles on should be considered true and are simply meant for entertainment purposes."

So, yeah, Adam Sandler didn't get a flat tire in Opelousas. But this is just one of many fake news stories that are floating around the internet, so before you post a story like this on Facebook, make sure you check the source so you don't look like a doofus when it turns out to be fake.

You can check out the full fake Adam Sandler interview at

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