Could the days of in home broadband internet service go the way of the dial-up modem? If the current trends continue having a home internet connection might become a lot like having a home telephone is now. More and more people are switching away from the traditional wired service to using the internet exclusively off of their mobile devices.

John Horrigan a senior researcher with Pew Research Center recently told the Louisiana Radio Network that 67% of Americans have broadband internet in their homes.

And that is a decline from 70% who said that in 2013. So we've seen that dip in home broadband option over the past couple of years.

The option that more consumers are choosing is smartphone only internet. In other words they are using their mobile device as a hot spot to connect tablets and laptops to the internet. This option gives many customers the kind of service they need at home and there is no costly installation fee.

And the number of smartphone only people has increased from 8% in 2013, to 13% in 2015.

That current trend is most prevalent among lower income families but there are indications that trend will move through all sectors of the socioeconomic demographics in just a few years. As mobile internet become better and faster, more and more people will opt in on what they are paying for in their pocket and disconnect the connection at home.