One DJ's video has recently gone viral, as it shows children in Baltimore, Maryland dancing along to songs from hip-hop's biggest artists such as 'Drake' and 'NBA YoungBoy'. The internet has reacted to the clips of kids doing the "Griddy" and having fun for an Earth Day celebration.

"A little seven-year-old requested this song... it's NBA YoungBoy!"


DJ Bri Mafia had the pleasure of playing music for the youth of Baltimore during a special Saturday morning event. She definitely brought the heat, as these kids were ready to turn-up to some of rap's biggest names. If you're from Louisiana, you probably know all about 'NBA YoungBoy' and the "Griddy".

Twitter via @OG_Bri
Twitter via @OG_Bri

These joyous kids from Baltimore knew exactly what they wanted to hear as they danced along on-stage, on the playground, and everywhere else their energy would take them. Some daredevils were even stage-diving!


Now, as a DJ - when I get asked to play a private event, one of my first questions is always, "Is it an all-ages event?". Keeping music appropriate for everyone in attendance at an event is always of the utmost importance to me, because the last thing I want is for an angry parent to approach me with a complaint that the music isn't "clean" enough for children there.

Thankfully for DJ Bri Mafia, it seems as though she didn't have to concern herself with anyone regulating her playlist. She simply played what the kids wanted to hear!

Baltimore Youth Turn-Up to Drake and NBA YoungBoy

See the full video posted to Twitter by @OG_Bri here.

Some on Twitter thought that this might be an everyday occurrence for these kids, but DJ Bri Mafia cleared up that it was a special occasion with the below post.

It's no secret how strong of a grip Baton Rouge-born rapper 'NBA YoungBoy' has on his fanbase. That fanbase has evidently grown over the past years, as 'YoungBoy' continues to become more and more popular.

DJ Bri Mafia made it clear how enjoyable these children were to be around while acknowledging that there is a such thing as "Youngboy vibes".

Although 'YoungBoy, born Kentrell Gauden, did recently score a partial victory in his federal firearms case here in Louisiana, there is a certain connotation that comes with at least some of his music.

The memes surrounding 'NBA YoungBoy' and his music are what they are - just memes. The point here is that music can be interpreted different ways by different listeners. In this case, the listeners are young children who certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

Twitter Reacts to Kids Dancing to NBA YoungBoy

Some Twitter users had thoughts about the music the kids were listening to, but DJ Bri Mafia was there to give her point-of-view.

When one Twitter user made a comment about the children potentially stealing the DJ's equipment, @OG_Bri was quick to respond.

While DJ Bri Mafia addressed some critics, joking or not, the overwhelming response from social media was positive. See more reactions from Twitter below.

Shoutout to DJ Bri Mafia for bringing the party to the young children of Baltimore!

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