Is Louisiana the virgin headquarters of the United States ? Even more particularly, is the "anything-goes" city of New Orleans, the leading example of that virgin headquarters ? It sounds pretty crazy right ? RIGHT ???

Well, recently, artist R. Luke Dubois joined 21 online dating sites. His goal ?? He wanted to create his own "census of the United States." Dubois took close to 20 million profiles and analyzed "keywords" used in their profiles. He then took the info and created maps showing where those words appeared the most around the country. The breakdown analysis is according to congressional districts in each state, but there isn't much variation between state boundaries.

What would happen if you analyzed the online dating profiles of 19,095,414 single Americans? Based on one man's experiment, you'd discover which places are the kinkiest, loneliest, happiest, most virginal, and more.

One more thing that is important to know before you look at these stats:

The project uses word frequency counting and "word frequency counting doesn't check for context, e.g. the sentence "If I see another happy person I will scream!" counts just as much as "I'm a very happy person."

Here are some of the cooler top and bottom lists based on the research including New Orleans, LA, where the word "virgin" showed up the most in online dating profiles

•    Most lonely women: Ohio 18th (Eastern Ohio, Rural)
•    Most lonely men: Georgia 9th (NW Georgia, Rural)
•    Least lonely women: Illinois 2nd (Cook County Chicago Suburbs)
•    Least lonely men: California 33rd (Los Angeles)
•    Most happy women and men: Washington's 7th (Seattle)
•    Least happy women: New York's 16th (Bronx)
•    Least happy men: Nebraska 3rd (Central and Western Nebraska)
•    Most kinky women: Near-tie between California 16th (San José) and West Virginia 3rd (Southern W.V.)
•    Most kinky men: New Mexico 2nd (Las Cruces/Roswell)
•    Least kinky women and men: Wyoming's At-Large District (Entire state)
•    Most virgin women: Louisiana 2nd (New Orleans)
•    Most virgin men: New York 12th (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Park Slope in Brooklyn; Maspeth, Ridgewood, in Queens; Lower East Side in Manhattan)
•    Least virgin women: Texas 29th (Houston)
•    Least virgin men: Louisiana 2nd (New Orleans)
•    Most kissing women: California 50th (San Diego)
•    Most kissing men: Connecticut 5th (Northwest Connecticut)
•    Least kissing women: Tennessee 8th (Northwest Tennessee)
•    Least kissing men: Washington 4th (Central Washington)
•    Most spanking women: North Carolina 12th (Gerrymandered district included Charlotte, Winston-Salem,Greensboro, Lexington...)
•    Most spanking men: Missouri 3rd (Saint Louis)
•    Least spanking women and men: South Dakota At-Large (Entire State)


Is it shocking to see that New Orleans leads the way for both men AND women when it comes to virgin count in the US ?? Do you think the same goes for the state of Louisiana ?? DISCUSS !!!!