People find different ways to express themselves everyday, but there are some things that should never see the light of day.  I mean what would happen if you and your partner got a couples tattoo then split up?  I hope for this pair, they stay together for a VERY long time!I am going to take a stab in the dark and say they love each other, but I've been wrong before.  Personally I'm not too big on tattoos, but everyone that I've known that gets 'inked' normally settles for the name of a loved one, a prayer, or a religious image.

I don't want to be a critic, but if you took the word 'weird' and tattooed it on someones body...this is what you would get!  Most 'tats' cost a pretty penny, so how much did this form of artwork cost?  If they wanted to save some money, I have a whole collection of sharpie markers begging to be used(and they come in a variety of colors also ;)).  I've seen my share of 'questionable' things around Acadiana, but this takes the cake.

Feel free to share this with your friends....and spread awareness lol.  What's the WORST tattoo you have seen?

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