If you've ever gotten out of a potential traffic snarl by using the popular Waze App, then you'll be able to relate to this.

The NYPD is saying that the GPS navigation software app is giving drivers an unfair heads up about where DWI traps are, and they want it to stop. ASAP. According to an article in Popular Mechanics, the police are saying that drivers are being warned about upcoming checkpoints where they could be examined for intoxication or impairment.

A letter obtained by CBS New York was sent by NYPD to the developers of the app, Google. It says 'This letter serves to put you on notice that the NYPD has become aware that the Waze Mobile application, a community-driven GPS navigation application owned by Google LLC, currently permits the public to report DWI checkpoints throughout New York City and map these locations on the application. Individuals who post the locations of DWI checkpoints may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws'.

Considering that a lot of the info on Waze is crowdsourced, I'm not sure how they will be able to prevent the inside info, but I hope they do. Drunk driving is deadly, and we want to do everything we can to make people safe out on the roads, whether it's in New York, or Acadiana.

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