Question, would you purposely get arrested if this police officer showed up at your door?

Introducing officer Miguel Pimentel, who's shirtless Instagram pics have gone viral all over the internet. Women all over are begging him to 'cuff them.' Some women have gone as far as carrying out felonies to get his attention.

Pimentel is not only a good looking guy, he was also a marine for 10 years and has even won awards in the National Physique Committee New Jersey State Championships for amateur bodybuilding. Pimentel said he does love the attention and that it's been all positive publicity.

Sorry ladies, he is taken by his girlfriend of two years.

So, this is about as close as you'll be able to get to him...for now!

One good thing, this math professor is still available. Click here to see the rest of the pics.   

You can thank me later! ; )






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