Apparently we've all been charging our phones wrong this whole time or, at least, I've been charging my phone wrong this whole time.

If I'm in my room my phone's on the charger. If I'm in the car my phone's on the charger. Heck, I bought a portable charger so I can charge my phone even if I'm not near an outlet. I spend more time charging my phone than I do actually using it.

I always thought the golden charging rule was to wait until the battery was almost dead to charged your phone so, if I can help it, I try to only charge my phone at night while I'm sleeping. Too bad that's pretty much the opposite of what you should do.

According to, charging your phone in short spurts is the way to go. Try charging it through out the day, but don't let it charge to 100% and don't keep it plugged in when it's fully charged. Keeping your phone plugged in once it's reached 100% wears down the battery.

Pretty much everything that I knew about charging my phone has been thrown out the window, but at least now I know the right way to keep my battery lasting all day. I guess my investment on multiple chargers was a good online, because it looks like I'll be charging my phone every chance I get from now on!

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