As if people didn't already take enough pictures of their food, now they can snap pics anytime they eat with the selfie spoon. Yeah, it's real.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch unveiled the selfie spoon and people are actually buying it. Well, they aren't really "buying" it, because it's free, but they do have to pay shipping and handling, which I still think is too much for a flipping selfie spoon. I'm hesitant to tell you how to order your very own selfie spoon, because I am embarrassed for anyone who wants one, but I feel like since I'm telling you about this evil invention I should tell you how to get one. If you want to snap selfies while chowing down head on over to

Seriously though, what is this world coming to? I thought selfie sticks were bad enough, but a selfie spoon is just too much! Too much, I tell you! Plus, who looks good shoveling food into their mouth? Who wants to document that? Whatever, to each their own, I guess.

Keep calm and #selfiespoon on.

[via Cinnamon Toast Crunch]