Parents have mixed feelings on this one.

Another school district in Louisiana has voted to have teachers and students in the classroom for only four days out of the week.

The Evangeline Parish School Board voted Wednesday evening 8-4 to move forward with a four-day school week, and now some parents aren't happy about the change to come.

Like Acadia Parish, with one less day in the classroom, the school days will be longer while teachers and students are in the classroom. How much longer, we'll have to wait and see.


As for what days students will be in the classroom, we'll have to wait on an official announcement from the school district, but some parents on social media are saying students will be in class Tuesday - Friday.

Many parents on social media are now asking what they will have to do with their kid(s) while they're out of school. Of course, they're asking because many do work five days out of the week.

We are going to continue following this story out of Evangeline Parish and we'll update this story as more information is shared.


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