A terrifying scene unfolded in a parking lot in Arlington, Texas as the parents of a baby had to break the windshield of their vehicle to rescue their own baby.

According to a number of reports on social media, the parents accidentally locked their vehicle while the baby was inside and that is when they went into rescue mode.

As you can see here, the father of the baby, and some bystanders, shattered the windshield of their SUV with a crowbar and somehow the baby was passed through the windshield.

The child was handed to its father after someone was able to get through the hole of the windshield and reach the baby in the vehicle.


While they never intentionally meant to do this, their story should be a reminder to all that we should slow down upon exiting our vehicles.

Like in Louisiana, the summer heat in Texas has been brutal, but luckily they were able to get to their own baby before temperatures soared in the locked vehicle.

The dramatic footage of this rescue was all caught and camera as you can witness here below.

EMS did arrive on the scene and checked on the baby, who was not seriously injured in this incident. No charges are expected to be filed in this case.


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