Officials with the Lafayette Fire Department say they were called out to a home on North Pierce Street after someone called 911 to report that a house was on fire.

Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman and Fire Investigator Alton Trahan says that the three people who live there we able to get out of the home.

The homeowner's son was awakened by the smell of fire and the sound of flames in the living room. He says the minute he saw the curtains on fire he knew everyone had to get out right away. His mother and child were able to make it out of the home with him.

Trahan says when they arrived there flames could be seen coming from the front room window and the door. In addition to the house being on fire, two cars adjacent to the home were also on fire. The fire was threatening to spread to the other home.

It took crews about twenty minutes to get the fire under control. The neighbor's home did receive some heat damage and the original house was heavily damaged.

What Happened to Cause the Fire?

Trahan says the fire has been ruled an accident. He says they do believe an overloaded electrical circuit led to this fire. He says there was some sort of malfunction, and the fire started. He says all of this began to happen in the living room leading the fire to spread to the majority of the home in the 1000 block of North Piere Street.

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