One major city in Louisiana makes the list as being one of the most rat-infested places in the United States.

There's one thing that bothers me in life and it's rodents. I can't stand the look of them and I don't like how they just randomly appear when you least expect them.

Sadly, many of the major cities in this country are infested with rats and some cities have more than others. For example, New York has such a huge problem with rodents there's an actual team or force assigned to the city to combat the problem there.

Well, one city in Louisiana has some cleaning up to do, and that comes after Orkin released its study on the most rat-infested cities in the U.S.

Sure, Louisiana has beautiful wildlife and wetlands, but with that comes rodents and the one major city that is close to the water has to address the rats running rampant through it.

According to the "rattiest" study conducted by the pest control company, New Orleans is the 30 most 'rattiest" city in the country. And yes, I have seen them with my own eyes running across roads and sidewalks while in the French Quarter.

As beautiful as New Orleans can be, it can be just as filthy, and that's where the rat problem comes in, that we see. One person who has lived in New Orleans his whole life once told me that you don't want to see what is underground in the Cresent City.

He told me that there are "millions of rats" you just don't see. And I'lll take his word on that. becuase I am not exploring any tunnels under New Orleans. Gross.

So, what city has the largest rat problem in our country, well that belongs to the city of Chicago, only to be followed by Los Angeles and New York..

If you'd like to see the complete list, visit Orkin and see if one of your favorite cities to visit is on the list of "rattiest" cities.

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan V, QbDB5zyMY via Unsplash


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