Carter, a Texas teenager with a severe peanut allergy, is always equipped with an Epipen for safety. Recently, during a football game, peanuts were maliciously placed in his locker by teammates who were aware of his condition.

KXAN reported that despite immediate precautions, Carter experienced an allergic reaction, causing distress to him and his family. The incident raised concerns about bullying and the adequacy of school disciplinary measures.


Carter's mother, Shawna Mannon, expressed her disappointment before the Lake Travis school board, demanding more substantial consequences for the involved students. However, the disciplinary actions taken were deemed minimal, prompting further scrutiny of the school's handling of bullying cases.

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State Senator Jose Menendez has advocated for stronger measures against bullying in schools. Despite legislative efforts, concerns persist among families regarding the seriousness with which schools address such incidents. Texas law, unlike some states, lacks specificity regarding protected groups in bullying policies.

While most bullying complaints are handled at the local level, Carter's family has taken additional steps by filing complaints with both the U.S. Department of Education and the school district. They argue that the district failed to follow its own policies in addressing the incident. However, the district maintains that it complied with all relevant laws and policies, as determined by the Texas Education Agency.

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Looking ahead, Senator Menendez aims to further investigate bullying in Texas schools, seeking to ensure a safe learning environment for all students. Other states have more stringent bullying laws, with provisions for annual policy reviews and protections for marginalized groups.

Despite the turmoil, Carter's family remains hopeful for positive changes in the school's approach to bullying and allergy safety measures. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by students with allergies and the importance of robust anti-bullying policies in schools.

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