Organizers of one of the state’s biggest Mardi Gras events made a huge announcement yesterday about who will be headlining in 2024. The Endymion Extravaganza is an over-the-top celebration by one of New Orleans' most-storied krewes.

Grammy Award-winning singer Sting and hip-hop artist and songwriter Flo Rida will take the stage for the 2024 Extravaganza. The big party happens at the end of the Endymion parade which rolls through the streets of New Orleans. It's a return for Flo Rida who performed back in 2019. Aside from performing, both stars are expected to follow a tradition from years past of riding on a float throughout the streets of New Orleans. Past performers have included:

Notably, a recent performer, Carrie Underwood, opted not to ride on the float to protect her voice. If I had her voice, I would probably want to protect it too.

The bash, which goes into the early hours of the morning, happens at the Morial Convention Center. For years the event was held at the Caesar’s Superdome. Family and friends of crewmembers attend the private event that is known for attracting big names each and every year.

While the party is exclusive, tickets for Endymion Extravaganza are available at a limited capacity. Endymion made sure to publish its contact information, so if you’re interested, you can call 504-736-0160.


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