A 12-year-old boy from Houston, Texas was recently sworn in as part of the team at the Mansfield Police Department in Louisiana in order to help him spread his message and achieve his goals according to KTAL.

You see, Devarjay "DJ" Daniel is battling an incurable brain and spinal cancer. His dad, Theodis Daniel, says his son has had 13 brain surgeries and has advanced cataracts.

DJ had the idea that we would like to make it a goal to be sworn in by 100 police/sheriff's departments. The dream then became even bigger once they hit the 100 mark so quickly, and so many departments were more than happy to help him.

To set the scene, the Mansfield City Council held a meeting where the council along with the Chief of Police Chris Johnson and Assistant Chief of Police Michelle Johnson were on held to help DJ be sworn in.

Mayor Thomas Jones says it was the most touching meeting he's ever conducted. He says it was a great day for their city.

DJ Walking Out
KTAL Photo

The young man, when he was sworn in, received his new badge, an officer's uniform in his size, and a commission card from the department.

Police Chief Christopher Johnson told KTAL,

With DJ, you know that is heart-touching. A young man wants to be in law enforcement at his age, you know that's also, like I said, a testament on top of a blessing. With his rare condition and still wants to push through and be an officer, you know that's, you know I still have a little bit of goosebumps about that.

DJ Daniel and Theodis Daniel
KTAL Photo

According to his dad, their various trips to departments have meant young DJ has been sworn into 821 agencies, and he doesn't plan to stop. They have more scheduled for Arizona, California, and then back home in Texas.

DJ is quoted as saying "Pretty much I'm not going to stop until my gas tank runs out. When God calls me home".

Why Did Theodis and DJ Choose Mansfield?

Because their family is originally from Mansfield.

According to Theodis Daniel, they actually decided to reach out to the Mansfield Police Department because of the city's connection to his family; it's not a good connection.

Theodis says his family actually lived there back in the 1900s, but their grandfather and his brothers left the town after one of his uncles was lynched. He says, "....and they made a postcard and it circulated all over the country."

Now the community, council, and police department have come together for DJ Daniel.

You can click here to see coverage from KTAL.

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