Justin Bieber Jumps Into DJ Booth Of Michael Woods
Over the weekend, DJ/Producer Michael Woods took to Twitter to warn Justin Bieber to never come in his DJ booth again. According to Woods' Twitter Page, Bieber allegedly jumped into his DJ booth over the weekend and demanded the EDM-Style DJ play hip hop.
First Ever Baby DJ School Now Exists
From Bottles to Beats. They used to use rattles and now they use beat machines. Its the first ever Baby DJ school put on by Brooklyn's Cool Pony. It's the next generation's Pee Pee Diddy, Kanye Mess, Lil Brain and NuNu Minaj. They are teaching toddlers how to make beats. Cool concept,…
10 Signs Of A Wack DJ
Normally, the average person would never know the difference between a GOOD DJ and a WACK DJ. Let this list help you "stay woke."

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