Obviously, Louisiana has quite a few animals in our waters that you'll want to avoid, so let's take a look at "The Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Louisiana".

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Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Louisiana

In addition to all of the beautiful, natural swamps, marshes, and lakes, Louisiana also has numerous man-made lakes all providing a wonderful place for wildlife to live and flourish.

Whether you like 'em or hate 'em, snakes are certainly a huge part of the wildlife flourishing around the Pelican State in our natural and man-made lakes and habitats.

If you're someone who isn't very fond of snakes, this list might be some welcomed news.

The gang over at-z-animals.com have done the research and compiled a list of "The Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Louisiana", so here we go!

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1. Lake Pontchartrain - Lake Pontchartrain is by far the most snake-infested lake in Louisiana, serving as a home or water source for a minimum of 24 snake species like the Ball python, Pygmy rattlesnake, Eastern copperhead, Northern cottonmouth, and many more.

2. Lake Maurepas - Spanning over 15, 000-acres, Lake Maurepas is a postcard-worthy area complete with a tupelo and cypress swamp. However, it's also home to at least 18 different species of snake including the Diamondback watersnake, Northern cottonmouth, North American racer, Common ribbon snake, and Dekay’s brown snake to name a few.

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3. Calcasieu Lake - Calcasieu Lake provides snakes with a great water source and food supply. Home to roughly 26 different species of snakes including the Eastern copperhead, Timber rattlesnake, Northern cottonmouth, Texas coral snake, Pygmy rattlesnake, and the Glossy swamp snake.

4. Caddo Lake - Caddo Lake is a 25,400-acre lake and protected wetland located between Louisiana and Texas and has its fair share of snakes including the Northern Cottonmouth, Western Ratsnake, and the North American racer.

Caddo Lake
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5. Lake D’Arbonne - Sprawling 15,280 acres, Lake D'Arbonne is a fantastic place to vacation and unwind. This State Park offers "campsites, tennis courts, swimming pools, fishing piers, boat launching ramps, meeting rooms, pavilions, and trailer hookups" according to a-z-animals.com. Lake D'Arbonne also offers a great habitat for snakes including the Speckled Kingsnake, Banded Watersnake, Northern Cottonmouth, and Eastern copperhead to name a few.

6. Lake Claiborne - Located in Homer, La, Lake Claiborne is a 6,400-acre man-made lake and rural area. Snake dig Lake Claiborne and you'll find no less than 26 different species of snakes including the Graham’s crayfish snake, Diamondback watersnake, Rough earthquake, Flat-headed snake, Texas coral snake, and the Pygmy rattlesnake.

Wikipedia.com Via Jeremey Allen
Wikipedia.com Via Jeremey Allen

7. Toledo Bend Reservoir - Toledo Bend Reservoir is world famous for its amazing fishing. Folks also love Toledo Bend Reservoir for camping, skiing, hiking, golfing, and much more. Snakes like Toledo Bend Reservoir too and at least seven different species call it home including Eastern cottonmouths, Southern copperheads, Texas coral snakes, and Prairie kingsnakes.

Read more over at a-z-animals.com.

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