The new workweek will dawn fairly quietly across most of Louisiana this morning. However, conditions in the western portions of the state will start to go downhill quickly as a storm system advances into Louisiana during the day. Forecasters believe this system could bring severe storms and heavy downpours to Louisiana over the next 24 to 36 hours.

The Storm Prediction Center has expanded its forecast area for where severe storms might occur during the day today. The area is rather large and encompasses all of Louisiana, a large portion of eastern and southeastern Texas, most of Arkansas, and extends further north into Missouri and Illinois.

Across the I-10 corridor in Louisiana today the day will begin with a threat of dense fog. An advisory has been posted from Lake Charles eastward through Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. The fog should move out of the area by mid-morning today.

Forecasters believe the heavier showers and thunderstorms will begin to move into Acadiana after lunchtime. The official outlook from the National Weather Service in Lake Charles suggests after 2 pm is when the worst of the weather will begin to work its way into cities such as Lafayette, Broussard, and New Iberia.

The threat of rain, with some heavy downpours, will continue across the area through the evening hours. It does appear as though the heaviest rain might not move into the area until Tuesday. The Weather Prediction Center has posted a "marginal" threat for much of excessive rainfall for south Louisiana during the day on Tuesday.

Once this system moves out of the area on Tuesday conditions should calm down considerably. The forecast for the rest of the workweek remains quiet and rain-free. The next threat of showers will move into the area late Thursday night into Friday morning.

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