LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - There's a new skate park coming to Lafayette later this year, and for the first time, residents are getting a chance to see what it looks like.

The park, which is being constructed at Thomas Park in Lafayette, will feature a foot bowl, ramps, and more. While the image below is just a conceptualized view and not necessarily final, it is a better look into what LCG has planned for the space.

The funding for the park was approved at a council meeting back in January,

According to Ross Gresham, who oversees Lafayette Parish parks, $250,000 in construction costs were approved for the new skate park at Thomas Park. Design and architectural costs will come from capital funding.

It will have thousands of square feet towards ramps and bowls for skaters, they say. Construction could begin within the next five months.

“I’ve personally witnessed the skating community in other towns, and they’re not what a lot of people think; they’re very respectful… they're not what a lot of people think,” Gresham said.

The park construction is coming at the same time that LCG is also updating Moore Park and Brown Park, offering bigger fields and more playing space for sports in the area.

Brown Park Upgrade

Brown Park, located on the city's northside, will be undergoing major changes as it is transformed into a "super park," LCG announced late in 2022.

Plans for Brown Park's transformation into a "super park," coming later this year.
Credit: Lafayette Consolidated Government

In particular, Brown Park will be transformed into a softball super complex. "Grand stands, signature fields, modern restrooms, and concessions are all upgrades that will draw regional and national tournaments to Lafayette and open the door to host larger tournaments simultaneously with other complexes in the Parish," LCG said on its website.

Moore Park Upgrade

Likewise, Moore Park, which is located at the other end of Pont Des Mouton from Brown Park, will be transformed into a soccer super complex.

LCG plans to turn Moore Park into a soccer super complex later in 2023.
Credit: Lafayette Consolidated Government

Moore Park is already a location for several local soccer leagues and tournaments, but expanding the current fields and adding more parking can increase capacity for the fields.

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