Authorities in Jennings, LA are on high alert and urging the public to exercise caution after a man broke into Jennings High School early Monday, threatened staff members, and fled the scene in a stolen vehicle. According to a report from our media partners at KATC, the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.


The Jennings Police Department has issued an urgent warning to residents near Jennings High School and the adjacent I-10 corridor as the search intensifies for suspect Dillon Champagne. Following Monday's incident involving threats at the high school and subsequent car theft, the manhunt has zeroed in on a wooded area east of the school.

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The Monday morning incident led to the closure of the high school for the day, with school officials citing an "external threat on campus" in a Facebook announcement. While Jennings Elementary School continued its schedule unaffected, Jennings High School remains closed but is clear and safe.

Chief Danny Semmes of the Jennings Police Department detailed the incident, reporting that the suspect entered the premises early in the day, confronting early-arriving staff members. According to eyewitnesses, the man brandished a firearm before commandeering a car and escaping the scene. The stolen vehicle was later discovered abandoned northeast of the school.

Police have found an ID in the abandoned car, though it remains unclear whether it belongs to the suspect or another victim of theft. Investigations are ongoing as officers attempt to confirm the identity of the assailant.

Chief Semmes has issued a warning to the community: if anyone spots the suspect, they should not attempt to approach or apprehend him. Instead, residents should immediately contact 911 with any information regarding his location.

Authorities are asking everyone in Jennings and surrounding areas to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity as they work to locate the suspect.

We will update this developing story as we get more confirmed information. See the full report from KATC here.

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