JT is being dragged into the cocaine allegations against Yung Miami, but the City Girls member is setting the record straight.

A lawsuit against Diddy with damning accusations of sexual assault and other acts also includes allegations that Yung Miami transported cocaine for the rap mogul. On Wednesday (March 27), after the amended part of the lawsuit began circulating around the internet with those details, an internet troll shared an old Instagram Live video of JT and Yung Miami. In the clip, JT is in a studio with her head bent down out of view of the camera and then pops up quickly as she makes a snorting sound. People on the internet are insinuating that JT was snorting cocaine.

A woman on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the handle @_KingArii shared the video as a crosspost from another account with the words, "So that’s where JT getting that s**t from? Makes perfect sense now," she wrote, leading others to believe that Miami would possibly be giving the drug to JT.

JT saw the accusation on the platform and fired back at the talk. "First of all I was in the half way house being drug tested EVERY night I went in!" the rapper posted. "I explained this YEARS ago I NEVER did cocaine & never will it actually destroyed my family! Y’all get on her making jokes about s**t for s**ts & giggles & don’t know ppl post trauma! Stop playing with me! PLEASE."

XXL will not be sharing the original tweets due to the expletives within. The censored versions are below.

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Yung Miami Accused of Transporting "Pink Cocaine" for Diddy

Producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones has accused Yung Miami of delivering "pink cocaine" to Diddy from Florida to Virginia in 2023 in the amended lawsuit from Rod this week. The court documents include accusations that the drug, a combination of ecstasy and cocaine known on the streets as "tuci," was preferred and used by Diddy. When his alleged drug mule Brendan Paul forgot to bring it to the rap mogul, Miami delivered it to him by private jet.

"Plaintiff and the Combs Rico Enterprise were rehearsing for 'Something in the water festival" [sic] in Virginia," the court filing reads. "Plaintiff Jones personally witness [sic] Mr. Combs do a few lines of coke in his dressing room. Defendant Sean Combs wanted tuci but Brendan forgot it, so Defendant Kristina Khorram called Yung Miami. Who then brought it on the private jet from Miami."

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Take a look at JT's response, the accusation against her and the video below.

See JT's Response, the Accusation and Video

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