A few Lafayette artists have put their spin on the viral hit 'Old Town Road.'

Lil Nas X has topped the charts for the past two months with his infectious single that blends both country and hip hop music. Now, three local Lafayette artists from each respective genre have teamed up to put a local twist on 'Old Town Road.'

Jay Da Wizard, Dustin Sonnier, and Sambo dropped a 'Who Dat Nation' Remix to the Lil Nas X banger. The song lyrics mention the Saints being "robbed" and some are already calling it the first "Saints song" for a franchise that will definitely be looking to bounce back from the hideous NOLA No-Call that kept the Black & Gold out of the Super Bowl last season.

What do you think of the Who Dat spin on 'Old Town Road?' Give it a listen and give us your feedback.

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