Even though most of us know deep down inside that our favorite "reality" shows aren't that "real" at all, we usually play along and roll with the theatrics and the antics of our favorite reality show cast members. MTV's Jersey Shore is one of the more "realistic" shows, being that you probably have friends that live lifestyles that are very comparable to J-Woww, The Situation, Pauly D, Skooki and the rest of the party animals on the Jersey Shore cast.

But before you buy into their sexually charged antics, unpredictable fiascos and who knows what diseases, I've got proof that the show is just as staged as all the rest of the (un)reality shows. The fact that it isn't real doesn't make these shows less entertaining, but as human beings we should really sit back and think about how rich we are making these reality show "stars", most of which have no more talent than you or I.

PLEASE- don't let my words change your programming selections, but allow me to show you proof that Jersey Shore is indeed, as fake as the breasts on their female cast members. If you are a faithful watcher of the show, you may recall the scene where bartenders in Italy were throwing ice at Snooki and Deena, resulting in the two little meatballs tearing up the bar and smashing all the liquor bottles.

Badass right?

Not so much ... have a closer look.

Jersey Shore Exposed! PROOF That The Show Is Fake