I knew it was about time for another fashion trend! It's only natural for society to get behind the 'hottest' styles of the summer and if your looking to make a statement....you might as well go get yourself a 'hairy necklace.'  I mean really, what is the worst that can happen right?

I guess their is a new type of 'fur' in these days.  In the fashion and glamor world people are always trying to find new 'trendy' ways to stay on top and ahead of the game, but this might be a little much.  After looking at these photos, I've come to the conclusion that there is a fine like between innovative and WEIRD! Kerry Howley, who recently graduated from Middlesex University, just came out with something that will change the world forever and I like to call it..........'The Hairy Neck.'

There are uses for a lot of things, but something tells me hair shouldn't be used for jewelry.  Take a look at a few of the pictures below from ifitshipitshere and let us know if you would be into this!