Chicago Bears tight end Jimmy Graham took to social media today, expressing his bewilderment of the NFL Players Association's recent decision to recommend daily COVID-19 testing for all players and staff, including those who have been vaccinated.

In the NFLPA memo Graham shared, the league has tested 2,528 players and 4,549 staff members since training camps begin last week. There have been 65 positive cases, with 32 of the positive cases coming from vaccinated individuals.

According to an NFLPA memo in a proposed new protocol obtained by ESPN, there are still different testing protocols for vaccinated players versus those who are unvaccinated.

For example, vaccinated players and staff can enter the facility after being tested, and don't have to await the test result before doing so, don't have to be tested on off days or bye week, and are allowed to travel during a bye week.

Unvaccinated players are not allowed to travel during the bye week, must undergo COVID-19 testing on off days and bye weeks, and must wait in their vehicle each following a test until the test comes back negative before entering a team facility.

Does Graham have a point? Or is the NFLPA doing the best thing in regards to both preventing the spread of COVID_19, and giving the NFL the best chance to complete a full season?

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