Late Night funny guy on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel, had made it a career by coming up with funny/innovative bits for his late night talk show.  Kimmel has pranked kids on several occasions, but this time the kids were the ones pulling the pranks. Watch what the talk-show host had kids do to their dad's for Father's Day.On a recent show, Kimmel requested that kids all over the country videotape themselves spraying their dads with water hoses. Yes, the talk-show host wanted kids to surprise dad with an old fashioned spray down when dad least expected it.



And like any good television bit, the kids seem to always come through. Watch what happens when dads all over the country are greeted by their kids with WATER HOSES!!

On a side note, I don't think my dad would have taken this prank as well as some dads did in this video package. Ask yourself, would you have been brave enough at these kid's age to pull this off....And how would your dad have reacted had you given him the spray down of a lifetime???


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