(July 8, 2020) Lafayette Police are now responding to the Facebook event titled "ANTIFA Takes River Ranch" following Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's "Zero Tolerance" announcement on Tuesday.

LPD spokesman Sgt. Wayne Griffin says investigators, along with help from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, "have been diligently working and monitoring this event" and says "up to this point, there seems to be no credible evidence that suggests that this event will take place. There is believed to be no organization in the Acadiana area affiliated with this event."

Sgt. Griffin says the two departments have a contingency plan in place if the event were to actually happen.

"Lastly, both the Lafayette Police Department and Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office are urging individuals in opposition of this event to allow law enforcement officials to address this event accordingly."

Meanwhile, the creator of the page has been posting the following messages on social media over the past few days.



(July 7, 2020) A Facebook page titled "ANTIFA Takes River Ranch" hosted by cajUUUn Memes has gotten the attention of Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's office.

ANTIFA Takes River Ranch Facebook page snapshot
ANTIFA Takes River Ranch Facebook page snapshot

The message above has had some residents concerned and Guillory wants citizens to know that he is taking it seriously. He released the following message:

“Promoting a riot or any disorderly conduct, whether joking or a hoax, is irresponsible and reckless. Here in Lafayette Parish, we have absolutely zero tolerance for threats made against our citizens or their property, and we will act accordingly to prevent these situations from happening. Lafayette Police will monitor the situation closely and will take all necessary and appropriate measures."

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