Justin Bieber is all grown up in the teaser video for ‘Boyfriend.’

Bieber tweeted a teaser clip of the video for his first single off of ‘Believe,’ and it’s no bowling alley-filled ‘Baby,’ that’s for sure.

In the brief video, which features the intro to the track, Bieber is in a dark room. He glances flirtatiously at the camera and begins to rap, even licking his lips. (We’re pretty sure tween girls everywhere just spontaneously combusted.) Soon he’s no longer alone, as no fewer than three sets of females hands start pawing at him. We wonder if any of them belong to Selena Gomez!

Bieber had previously teased fans with photos from the video shoot, but they didn’t really reveal much of the actual video’s themes or images.

Bieber previously said of ‘Boyfriend,’ “We wanted to catch people’s attention and I know everything has been uptempo — and we wanted to slow it down a little bit and show people I can evolve.” Between the song and what we’ve seen of the video, he’s more than accomplished that! No release date has been set for the video, but we can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Watch Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Teaser Video

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