Belieber Dreams really do come true. Test groups of Beliebers were invited to try out the new 'Just Dance 4' game  at the company's offices. Groups of three and four ladies were shaking their bootays and dancing like no one was watching, totally unaware that their hero Justin Bieber was on site, taking it all in and about to surprise them and grace them with his very presence. O to the M to the F to the G.

The Biebs was sauntering around the office with his signature swag, swag, swag, decked out in a green hoodie and this huge, blue bandana wrapped around his famous hair, with the tie inexplicably in the front on his forehead. We were having a WTF moment, wondering what was up with that du-rag.

That's when the Biebs surprised several test groups of fans trying out the game in conference rooms.
Shockingly, the screams were not as loud as we expected, so there is no need to turn down the volume on your speakers. Either the team that produced this video did some creative editing when it came to the shrieks and squeals or experiencing the Biebs up close and personal, as opposed to far away at a public event like a concert, renders fans unable to communicate loudly!

He dances behind them, sneaks up on them and brings them half eaten Domino's pizza. He clearly enjoys sneaking up on them and surprising them.

There are a lot of OMGs and he is the recipient of more than a few hugs.

One cute strawberry blonde broke into sobs and hyperventilated. The Biebs did his best to comfort her, since he has to be an expert at it and he's done this many, many times. He brings that reaction out of the ladies, so he knows how to "deal."

His song 'Beauty and a Beat' is featured prominently in this clip, too.