Well the claims keep going back and forth since Mariah Yeater named Justin Bieber the father of her baby.  I guess Justin is getting tired of this woman, so he finally went through with his DNA test to show his fans that he is not the daddy.

I think the majority of Justin Bieber's fans believe that Mariah Yeater is CRAZY, but we are a little sick of still not knowing the truth.  We want some PROOF!!!  According to TMZ, looks like all we have to do now is wait and find out what the doctor has to say.  Justin has FINALLY taken his DNA test in New Jersey the other day, but under some 'very controlled circumstances'.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

What we do know is that Justin Bieber vowed to sue Mariah and her so called 'lawyers' for everything they have.....well as soon as he knows that he isn't the daddy.


Just a note if you plan on accusing someone for getting you pregnant.......make SURE that they are THE ONE!!!


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