He says that he doesn't scam airlines, he just takes advantage where there are holes.

According to Elite Daily, Justin Lee has made himself famous by living off airlines and using their lounges as an office. He's from Scardale, New York and he lives a very rich lifestyle without spending money. The best part is he will show you how he does it.

Most people call him a douche-bag but he doesn't care. He thinks you're just jealous of his lifestyle. You can check out his Facebook page to see how he does it on a day-to-day basis.

He knows how to get first-class tickets on any airline just by using a bag of peanuts. He upgrades every hotel room where he stays. He really is a pretty amazing douche-bag. lol!!

Meet the man that singlehandedly hacks the entire travel industry everyday of his life, and most of it is legal.

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