Justin Timberlake has officially announced the arrival of Spring 2020.

Every year on April 30 the internet collectively celebrates the anticipated arrival of May with one of the most recognizable memes of all time.

It's gonna be May

We've all heard the N Sync classic "It's Gonna Be Me" and the meme is a play on the way Justin Timberlake belts out "me" as "maaaayyyy." It's a pop culture fact that even JT acknowledges, as he shared a pretty funny COVID-19 "remix" to the meme on his Facebook page.

Timberlake thanked the collective world wide web for their coronavirus-related humor as we hopefully begin to climb out of the shelter-in-place era and get back so some sense of (new) normalcy. (Let this be a reminder to wear your mask!)

Here's to May being the kickoff to our comeback season—and to celebrate, here's Justin and his N Sync podnahs announcing the arrival of May for one minute straight.

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