They could have done better.

Jordan Love, of the Green Bay Packers, made his regular-season debut this week in Kansas City and the home team did really accommodate his family.

In a video that was posted on social media, you can see that the starting quarterbacks mom and girlfriend were seated in the very last row of seats at "Arrowhead Stadium."

Most home teams often do put opposing fans in the upper decks. Each team is allotted tickets when they travel, but the traveling team does not have any say-so in where the seats are in the stadium.

Twitter via Aaron tORRES
Twitter via Aaron tORRES

Now, I've heard players often say that they will go through other opposing players for tickets so that their family or friends are better accomodating.

I just feel sorry for Jordan's mom who finally got to see her son start an NFL game, but she watched the game not very far from heaven.

Love started the game for Green Bay this week because Aaron Rodgers is out due to COVID protocol.

The Chiefs defeated the Packers 13-7 in a very boring game Sunday afternoon.

Since this video aired and made it onto Twitter, fans have been pretty vocal about what the Chiefs did to this young man's family, while others seem to even blame The Packers for this. Here are a few reactions that I came across.

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