A Kaplan man is frustrated with the potholes in his community and he is speaking up.

KLFY-TV 10 spoke to John Borque and he tells them in the report below that he recently had to repair a tire on his truck after hitting a pothole in the town.

Like others in the community, he is asking what the city council and mayor are doing about the obvious problem in Kaplan.

Mayor Mike Kloesel tells KLFY-TV that the recent weather conditions in the region have slowed down repairs and that the city is waiting for the roads to dry before continuing repairs.

The mayor notes that he is aware of the problem and does ask that those in his community to be patient as they address the issue.

The mayor did tell KLFY in their report: 

“We certainly know that there’s a problem. Funding is always an issue with regard to infrastructure repairs. You have to decide where you’re going to spend the money and how you’re going to spend the money that you have, and I think that the city council has done a pretty good job of allocating the money where it needs to go right now,”


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