Katy Perry pranks a five-year-old's entire birthday party for her new video called 'Birthday' complete with car wreck and scary clown costume!

Katy Perry visited Jimmy Kimmel Live and blows her cover. Before her appearance on Kimmel, no one knew that this was fake. Her undercover clown costume is on point and she even takes down a cold one to have that beer smell to top off her creepy clown disguise.

She set up the video prank perfectly, it was at an actual 5-year-old's birthday party in the park. These people, including the 5-year-old, had no idea!

Check out the prank from another angle. It looks realistic!

My fear of clowns has just been relived again! Good job Katy, and we can't wait to see the 'Birthday' video!


Here is the new Katy Perry 'Birthday' Video! Enjoy!

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